Source code for queries.results

query or callproc Results

import logging
import psycopg2

LOGGER = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class Results(object): """The :py:class:`Results` class contains the results returned from :py:meth:`Session.query <queries.Session.query>` and :py:meth:`Session.callproc <queries.Session.callproc>`. It is able to act as an iterator and provides many different methods for accessing the information about and results from a query. :param psycopg2.extensions.cursor cursor: The cursor for the results """ def __init__(self, cursor): self.cursor = cursor def __getitem__(self, item): """Fetch an individual row from the result set :rtype: mixed :raises: IndexError """ try: self.cursor.scroll(item, 'absolute') except psycopg2.ProgrammingError: raise IndexError('No such row') else: return self.cursor.fetchone() def __iter__(self): """Iterate through the result set :rtype: mixed """ if self.cursor.rowcount: self._rewind() for row in self.cursor: yield row def __len__(self): """Return the number of rows that were returned from the query :rtype: int """ return self.cursor.rowcount if self.cursor.rowcount >= 0 else 0 def __nonzero__(self): return bool(self.cursor.rowcount) def __bool__(self): return self.__nonzero__() def __repr__(self): return '<queries.%s rows=%s>' % (self.__class__.__name__, len(self))
[docs] def as_dict(self): """Return a single row result as a dictionary. If the results contain multiple rows, a :py:class:`ValueError` will be raised. :return: dict :raises: ValueError """ if not self.cursor.rowcount: return {} self._rewind() if self.cursor.rowcount == 1: return dict(self.cursor.fetchone()) else: raise ValueError('More than one row')
[docs] def count(self): """Return the number of rows that were returned from the query :rtype: int """ return self.cursor.rowcount
[docs] def free(self): """Used in asynchronous sessions for freeing results and their locked connections. """ LOGGER.debug('Invoking synchronous free has no effect')
[docs] def items(self): """Return all of the rows that are in the result set. :rtype: list """ if not self.cursor.rowcount: return [] self.cursor.scroll(0, 'absolute') return self.cursor.fetchall()
@property def rownumber(self): """Return the current offset of the result set :rtype: int """ return self.cursor.rownumber @property def query(self): """Return a read-only value of the query that was submitted to PostgreSQL. :rtype: str """ return self.cursor.query @property def status(self): """Return the status message returned by PostgreSQL after the query was executed. :rtype: str """ return self.cursor.statusmessage def _rewind(self): """Rewind the cursor to the first row""" self.cursor.scroll(0, 'absolute')